Translation Studies

A holistic approach to non-professional subtitling from a functional quality perspective

This article studies non-professional subtitling (NPS) within a holistic framework combining Chesterman’s propositions of functional quality and expectancy norms.

African Translation and Interpreting Studies Writing Workshop

African Translation and Interpreting Studies Writing Workshop

Tracking the distribution of non-professional subtitles to study new audiences

This paper analyzes the consumers in the context of non-professional subtitling (NPS).

Audiovisual translation and audience reception

This chapter analyzes the significant growth that reception studies have experienced during the last decade, driven by the popularization of eye tracking as a research method and the scholarly community's growing interest in accessibility, which is widely supported by research funding schemes.

Using translation process research to explore the creation of subtitles. An eye-tracking study comparing professional and trainee subtitlers

This subtitling process research study adopts TPR methods to explore the production of interlingual subtitles.